Traditionally, women have been responsible for maintaining the integrity of the family unit and engendering in future generations the values of civilization. In a time of changing cultural attitudes that shape and determine the character of the people, we believe we have a moral as well as a political responsibility to preserve and protect our constitutional republic form of government, which was created to govern a nation of free people.

Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people, it is wholly inadequate to the Government of any other.”  – John Quincy Adams

We Believe That …

The American System declares “unalienable Rights (and freedoms) are endowed by our Creator” and that as a free and intelligent being, she is responsible for her own actions, dictated by moral standards, in maintaining and guarding those freedoms.
Government is accountable and subservient to the people and must never be the master of the people. Vast power, concentrated in a central government usurps local government and individual liberty.

The Free Enterprise System, practiced according to ethical principles, has made this the most productive country in the World. Its survival depends upon the values of the people, their willingness to practice honest responsibility and their willingness to prevent government from abusing individual rights through over-regulation, excessive taxation and government waste.

Properly administrated, our system of government, under the Constitution, provides an equal opportunity for every individual to fulfill her potential.
Government is responsible for our National Defense, since only a strong America can remain a free America. Moreover, every citizen is entitled to protection for herself and her property.

By following these principles, the individual has obtained many privileges, but every person must be taught to accept the responsibilities that go with these privileges.

Therefore the Larimer County Republican Women accept this educational responsibility.